"Rama’s coaching was tremendously important in helping me change direction from a commercially oriented artist to a fine artist. She helped me silence those voices of insecurity and fear by focusing on my specific personality and the uniqueness of my art. In two years I’ve had several shows and am now with a gallery. I recommend her highly!"

B.L., Artist, Los Angeles

"My income from art sales has doubled since I began coaching. Having someone to help me focus on my goals has made all the difference. Rama's a Godsend!"

C.H., Artist, New York

"Rama's coaching has made a huge difference in my approach to my work and my regard for myself. The few changes that I've made have changed my life. I've learned to set goals and meet them. I'm realistic about my time. I experience a sense of clarity instead of feeling overwhelmed. I've become very comfortable with who I am."

S.B., Artist, Santa Fe

"Rama is very gifted. When you need someone in your corner, she’ll be there! Over the two years I’ve been working with Rama I have written a book and found an agent. It’s on its way to publication. In everything I do, Rama has been contributive with concrete, useful ideas as well as invaluable personal support."

D.M., Writer, Los Angeles

"When I first decided to enter the world of art, I hired Rama as my coach. It was her coaching that brought me to see that I HAD to go to art school and that I wouldn't regret it. I've been in school now for two years, and it's been the best thing I've ever done. I still pinch myself -- I feel I'm living my life dream! It's incredible! I'm grateful for her coaching. It got me on the right track."

K.S., Artist, Oakland

"Working with Rama has created movement in my life in a truly magical way. It’s just happening! Her insight gives me the courage to articulate what I needed to say and do to move forward in my career. This honesty is making things possible for me that were before unimaginable. Thank you!"

H.R., Actor, Los Angeles

"Rama is an expert coach. She adapts easily to her client's needs, is perceptive and responsive, and loves what she does. She is generous with her skills and knowledge and has the best laugh."

V.W., Career Coach, Long Beach

“As an entrepreneur, mother, wife and general juggler, when I first started with Rama my life was totally packed full.  I often lurched from one thing to the next, living in overwhelm and struggling to get any sense of clarity.  Rama was a complete an utter breath of fresh air.  Working with her we through open the windows and doors and made space for what really matters.  Rama's supportive challenge, total belief in me, who I am and who I am becoming, and endless persistence in being there to help me live a As more fulfilling life has enabled a shift that I could only have dreamed of.  Rama has the ability to see things so clearly, to speak what others might find unspeakable, and to do so with an elegance, grace, and sheer joy and zest for life that it is completely contagious.  Her straight forward style and total belief in human potential make her a pleasure to work with.  Only one word of warning: working with Rama is not for the faint hearted, she will challenge, stretch and sometimes provoke in service of your greatest intentions.  If you're not prepared to face up to your gremlins and give them a piece of your mind then find someone else.  Rama will support you every step of the way, but it won't always be easy.  Rama is quite simply, a catalyst for fulfillment and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

K.B., Coach, UK


"I first met Rama when I was "in-between dreams." I had worked for many years in the film industry and then found myself working in the non-profit arena. I felt unfulfilled and was having a tough time figuring out what to do next. A friend suggested I find a Life Coach and I took her advice. Thus began my journey with Rama towards the discovery of how to achieve my goals and dreams. Our work together evolved as Rama helped me focus on parts of myself and my dreams that I had lost sight of. With Rama's support I was able to access a clear picture of where I wanted my future to take me and how I wanted to get there. She helped me make a plan of steps that were do-able and offered me the encouragement and support I needed to begin those steps. With Rama's help I was able to draw a picture of what I wanted the future to be, and while it took me a bit of time, I finally made it there. For me that has included a certification in teaching beyond my Masters degree and a new life abroad on another continent. With Rama's guidance I knew where I wanted to go, and I also knew that I needed to get "my ducks in a row" to get there. The experience of working with a Life Coach can be life-changing if you are ready to open yourself up to the unknown and ready to let go of that which holds you in place. It is not an overnight solution - it takes time and commitment - and it's highly worth it if in the end you realize your dreams."

D.K., Writer, Santiago, Chile

“I can't begin to tell you how much you have helped me to see MYSELF!  I continue to use the tools you have given me to help my life run smoother.  My relationships are stronger, and I'm working on healthy living.  Not for just myself, but for my family.  I feel better about where I see myself in the future.”    

K.A., City Planning & Development, Ohio