Rama offers a number of specialized workshops in collaboration with Sally Kraus.

Living the Creative Life
A series of 3-hour workshops for visual artists

Sponsored by the City of Ventura, Cultural Affairs Division, 805.677.3911

Create Your Career: Visioning and Goal Setting
To create success you start with a vision. Then step-by-step you will map out goals that lead toward its fulfillment. Expect to dream big and get real.

Creative Marketing for Creative People
Find the path of least resistance to fame and fortune by applying your imagination and creativity to marketing your art. Design a marketing strategy that works for you.

Building Belief in Yourself and Your Work
The biggest challenge to every artist is his own mind. Learn to quiet the self-defeating chatter and create a powerful belief system to support the unfolding of your career.

Talk About Your Work
You are your own best rep. Learn to be confident and at ease when talking about your work. The right words in the right setting to the right person will get you everywhere!

Make Your Career Happen: Planning and Time Management
Your personal style and strengths will determine what systems work best for you in getting into action around your goals. Become an effective life manager!


Life Balance: The Power of Choice
Art, family, business, pleasure. Take a bird’s eye view of your life and see how balance can bring ease and fulfillment into your daily experience.